Price for Macedonia Real Estates in Skopje

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Macedonia Real Estates in Skopje are sold from 700 to 1,250 euros per sq. meter. An apartment of 65 sq. meters in the Skopje district of Aerodrom costs at least 70,000 euros. Nearly the same apartment in Skopje Center downtown costs at least 90,000 euros.

On the other hand, an apartment of the same size in Cair costs 45,000 euros. Demand for buying or renting in these areas is the highest for years.

The price per square meter has been going sky high for years and has no intention to stabilize. The big hyper production of buildings in Skopje in the last decade is not filling the market, especially not in the areas like Centar, Kapistec, Debar Maalo, Aerodrom, Kisela Voda and Karpos.

Cheaper Macedonia Real Estates in Skopje

On the other hand, in Cair, Skopje Sever, Butel, Gjorce Petrov fewer homes are built and there is no demand for new apartments nor studios. Apartments are selling for years with no interest at prices lot lower than the middle range.The huge gap in demand and supply of real estates is the reason why in some areas apartments cost 1,300 and in others 400 euros, says agent from a real estate website Macedonia Real Estates.

The market and popularity of the neighburhood are forming the price. In Skopje areas like Center, Debar Maalo, Kapistec, Aerodrom, Karpos there is great demand for real estates, a lot of appartments and buildings are built and prices are higher.In the other less popular areas the demand is low and therefore the prices are lower, too

says Anton Lazareski, owner of a online Macedonia real estate website. Well this is a brief report about the situation of the real estates market of Macedonia capital Skopje and the prices of properties.